The first floor plan of a small hotel building is shown in Fig. 100. It will be noted that two stores are included in the first floor plan and are part of the building, so that they will have to be considered when laying out the plumbing work. Every store building should have a toilet room containing a water closet and lavatory and, outside of the toilet room, a sink will be found convenient.

The public or general toilet room for the hotel is located in the basement of the building and is not shown in the illustrations here reproduced. A small toilet room is likewise provided on the first floor, adjoining and accessible from the barroom. The barroom is fitted up complete with all necessary waste and supply connections, and a drinking-fountain may well be located in the lobby. In hotels where ice-water is supplied through pipes to the drinking-fountain and the various rooms a branch may be run likewise to the bar.

In Fig. 101 is shown the second floor of the building. On this floor are located the kitchen, serving room, pantry and main dining room, which necessitates the installation of considerable plumbing work. In addition to the usual kitchen, pantry and serving-room fixtures there is a toilet room for servants on this floor, accessible only from a passageway.

Each sleeping room on the second floor has a stationary lavatory supplied with hot and cold water. In addition each room, with the exception of one, adjoins a bath room, so that the rooms can be let either with or without bath. Besides the liberal provision made for washing and bathing on this floor there is a general bath room, accessible from the hall, for the benefit of the guests who have no private bath rooms.

On account of lavatories having been provided in all the sleeping rooms they have been omitted from the bath rooms, which contain only a water closet and a bath tub. Notwithstanding that fact, this floor of the building is well supplied with plumbing fixtures.

The third, fourth and fifth floors of the building, shown in Fig. 102, are given over entirely to sleeping rooms. Here, as on the floor below, stationary lavatories with hot and cold water are provided in each of the sleeping rooms, and, in addition, one-half the sleeping rooms are adjoining bath rooms, with which they may be let. In the same location as on the second floor a general bath room is provided on each of the three upper floors for the convenience of the guests having no bath rooms.

The floor plan of a small hotel building, which provides in a very unique and satisfactory way for the toilet accommodations of the guests, is shown in Fig. 103. In this building there is a separate bath room for each three rooms, which may be let en suite, or separately, the bath room communicating directly with a private hall and being equally accessible from all rooms. Such an arrangement would prove eminently satisfactory for the numerous hotels in the various smaller cities throughout the country, a semi-private bath room being much more inviting than a public one. Of course, in a case of this kind, it would be advisable to have separate lavatories in each of the sleeping rooms, the same as in other hotel and club buildings.

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