The plumbing work in office buildings is generally a simple matter, being merely a repetition of the installation on one floor above another. In large office buildings, however, the plumbing work is one of the most important items from a financial standpoint, and in many cases there are special features to be provided for, which take the work out of the simple class.

Ordinarily the plumbing work for office buildings consists of a women's toilet room and a men's toilet room on each floor of the building; also a slop sink on each floor of the building, located either in a janitor's closet or in. one of the toilet rooms. In the better class of office buildings separate lavatories, supplied with hot and cold water, are provided in each office or suite of offices in the building. No doubt, in the course of time, a private toilet room will be considered necessary in every large office suite, for the use of the head of the concern. There is no reason why a private toilet room, complete in every respect, should not be provided in such cases, in addition to the general or public toilet accommodations on each floor.

Drinking fountains are common to some office buildings, where one is located on each floor and supplied with purified water from a filter.

In very tall buildings, which are carried a corresponding distance below street level, subsurface sewage ejectors will be necessary to care for the sewage from the floors located below the street-sewer level. For the convenience of the engineers and firemen a fully equipped toilet room should be provided near the engine room, and a shower bath would add greatly to the comfort of these employees.

In many large office buildings barber shops are provided for on one of the floors, and here all necessary fixtures should be installed. Likewise restaurants are sometimes a feature of office buildings, in which cases the kitchens and serving rooms should be fully equipped.

Provision of living rooms is made for the janitor's family in some office buildings. The living apartments are usually located on the top floor, and, of course, should be fully equipped with plumbing fixtures.