A very complete filling for open cracks in floors may be made by thoroughly soaking newspapers in a paste made of 1 pound of flour, 3 quarts of water, and a table-spoonful of alum, thoroughly boiled and mixed, make the mixture about as thick as putty, a kind of paper putty, and it will harden like papier-mache.

Filler-Up For Nail-Holes

As a material for filling up nail-holes in wood and broken places, the following is recommended as simple and effectual: Take tine sawdust and mix into a thick paste with glue, pound it into the hole, and when dry it will make the wood as good as new.

Filling For Cracked Ceilings

Whiting mixed with glue water or calcined plaster and water makes a good putty for filling cracks in plastered ceilings.