Practically, size is merely glue so much diluted with water that it does not for a very long time harden in the mass, but preserves a jellified condition, and is thus sold in barrels. A better kind is however supplied, made into very thin square cakes like glue, which is principally used for sizing wood which has been stained, or for refined purposes. Parchment size is the best for distemper colors, and is made in the following manner: Place a quantity of parchment cuttings in an iron kettle, cover them with water, and allow them to soak thoroughly, from twenty-four to thirty-six hours will be required for this purpose, and should the water have been absorbed, more must be added. The whole is then to be boiled for about six hours, during which the scum which rises must be removed. It is afterwards to be strained through a coarse cloth. Size prepared in the following manner will keep good for several weeks: Dissolve 3 or 4 ounces of alum in boiling water, and add the solution to every pailful, boil and strain the size a second time, and set in a cool place.

Glove-Leather Size

Take 1/2 pound of the cuttings of white glove-leather, put them into water and allow them to steep for about twelve hours, add about 6 quarts of water, and allow the mixture to boil down to 1 quart, strain, and allow to cool.