So called black asphaltum paints are often simply benzine asphaltum varnishes with or without admixture with coal tar. While the name asphaltum paint has become a synonym for something very cheap in the line of black paint, it need not deter the paint maker from placing a good article on the market. A good elastic black paint can be made by mixing 10 pounds grinders' lampblack in oil with 2 gallons raw linseed oil and 1/4 gallon liquid dryer, with 11 1/2 gallons benzine asphaltum varnish, thus producing 15 gallons black paint, that will stand exposure to the weather very well. An asphaltum composition, that is insulating and capable of resisting high degrees of temperatures is made by melting in an iron kettle 200 pounds gilsonite asphaltum with 40 pounds candle tar, and adding 30 gallons 160° coal tar benzol or solvent coal tar naphtha and 50 gallons 62° benzine for a 100 gallon batch.