IV Mix 15 pounds of the finest and most lustrous aluminum bronze powder obtainable with 55 pounds of pale mixing varnish, of the China wood oil type, as in III and add 15 pounds 62° benzine and 15 pounds 90% coal tar benzol, or well refined solvent coal tar naphtha, but avoid the use of solvent naphtha with a strong gaseous odor, as this is liable to give trouble, when the liquid bronze is put up in sealed cans or jars for any length of time. This batch will yield 12 gallons of liquid bronze, that will drip freely from the metal dipped into it without sagging or running.

Note. When aluminum liquid bronze is to be applied over oil or varnish paint, it is best to use that made on form III whether it is inside or outside, as those made in forms I and II are very apt to lift the paint, because of the strong action of the solvents in those liquids.