Dissolve 1/2 pound orange shellac in one quart of denatured 188° alcohol, then mix with this 3 pounds of raw linseed oil and 2 1/2 pounds spirits of turpentine, then mix 3/4 pounds butter of antimony (antimony trichloride) and 1/4 pound muriatic (hydrochloric) acid, adding this to the other ingredients, agitating it very thoroughly. It is applied with a soft cloth and will clean and polish at the same time.

Polish For Fine Woodwork

High polish for fine woodwork is easily prepared. Mix two parts by volume of orange shellac varnish, cut in denatured alcohol and one part of raw linseed oil. This must always be shaken well before using and applied with a soft cloth, that shows no lint, rubbing briskly until hard and glossy.

Furniture Wax Polish In Liquid Form

Dissolve in a sand or water bath, 1/4 pound yellow or white pure beeswax in 2 pounds of raw linseed oil and 1/4 pound turpentine. Allow to cool to a temperature of about 80° F., then add 1/2 pound denatured alcohol orange shellac varnish, stirring the mixture well. Apply with a cloth and rub briskly.