The following composition has been in use for many years by one of the largest ship building companies in the United States:

Paste for Trowelling and Knifing in:

Mix and grind to a medium stiff paste the following:

50 lbs.

dry basic carbonate of lead;

12 1/2 "

bolted American Paris white;

15 "

pure Indian red, deep shade (95% Fe2O3);

10 "

hard gum coach japan;

12 1/2 "

hard gum rubbing varnish;

100 lbs.

The same cement for Flowing:

92 pounds of the paste cement (4 gallons) thinned with one half gallon spar varnish of fair grade and one gallon of turpentine will produce 5 1/2 gallons of what is known as marine cement for flowing, weighing 18 1/2 pounds per gallon.