White for imitating enameled ware.

Mix 30 pounds French zinc oxide;

30 "

dry blanc fixe;

25 "

clear water;

20 "

silicate of soda, 40° Beaume;

105 pounds.

Run the zinc, blanc fixe and water through a mill to make a fine pulp, then mix the silicate of soda with the pulp and strain through a fine sieve. The result should be 100 pounds of liquid paint, equal to 8 gallons. Should be blued with a little ultramarine blue ground in water, and when two coats have been applied to sheet iron, steel, etc., and each coat baked at 180 ° F., the effect will resemble porcelain enamel.

A similar effect may be obtained, if the French zinc oxide and blanc fixe is replaced by a similar weight of best grade lithopone white, which will slightly decrease the cost.