Add to either of the whites, of the description just given, the necessary coloring matter in pulp form, but use only colors, that are alkali proof.

Tallow And Zinc Composition

Although the practice appears to have become somewhat obsolete, some mariners may still call for this paint, that found favor up to recent years for the coating of the bottoms and rudders of iron or steel ships. Some of the manufacturers of marine specialties prepared a zinc soap, grinding zinc oxide in this and mixing the resulting paint with tallow, but it is useless to go to the trouble of preparing the soap. A composition made on the following plan will give equal, if not better, results.

Mix and grind the following paste:

64 pounds American zinc oxide;

16 "

American Paris white;

20 "

manganese boiled oil;

100 pounds medium soft paste.

Have some boiled tallow on hand, of the quality used for engines, and warm it somewhat, then mix 50 pounds of the above paste with 4 gallons of pale mixing varnish and 20 pounds of the boiled tallow. This should produce 8 gallons of composition. The pale mixing varnish referred to need not be necessarily of extra high quality, but must not pudding up the paint. A small portion of varnish foots with the varnish will do no harm in this preparation.