The lath should be spaced 5/16" apart to admit the plaster for a good clinch, breaking joints every ninth lath. Put grounds around the inside door openings 3/4" thick by 1" wide. Plumb and straight edge them and gauge them the same width in all door openings, or, when the lathing is done, nail a lath around the face of door openings, to gauge the thickness of plaster. Plumb, straighten, and gauge the same thickness as the width of the former grounds, 3/4" for lath and plaster.

Finish Floors

Line and nail the first board perfectly straight. Lay and nail all other flooring tight. Where the flooring board does not extend the length of the room, have at least two boards, between each joint on the same joist. Blind nail pine flooring with 7d nails. For hard floor, use 6d casing nails, and for 3/8" flooring use 4d casing or finish nails. To finish pine floors, plane the uneven edges, then scrape and sand. Cut all hard wood floors to an even surface with a cabinet or floor scraper, sandpaper lengthwise of the floor to a smooth finish with No. 1 and No. 0 sandpaper.