This would be most suitable if all in iron, and it would be made in three pieces, namely, the handle, the rein, and the bit; these when finished would all be welded together.

The Handle

1. Make the loop from 5/8 x 1/4 in.; shape and bend it, and scarf the two ends together.

2. Shape the grip part of the handle from a piece of 5/8 in. square, thicken it up where the collar is and work up the collar, and draw away for the rein.

3. Scarf the end of the grip, and weld on the loop piece.

4. Draw down the two tail pieces from 3/8 in. round iron, cut them off, and scarf the bottom ends where they are thickest.

5. Weld the two tail pieces on to the handle.

6. Dress up the handle, and put the grooves in with top and bottom fullers.

7. Curl the tails round the loop of the handle and see they set nicely.

8. Cut handle off where it has been drawn away for the rein, and scarf it just below the collar.

The Rein

1. Get a piece of 5/8 in. square, draw away each end, round up with top and bottom swages.

2. Shape up the centre boss and groove with top and bottom fullers.

3. Scarf each end. The ends of the centre rein should have been left a little thicker ready for scarfing.

The Bit

1. Get a piece of § in. square, work the bit roughly to shape, draw down the end and scarf ready for welding on to the rein.

2. Weld the rein on to the bit.

3. Cut the surplus material off.

4. Hold it by the rein and work the bit into shape and finish off.

5. Weld the handle on to the other end of the rein seeing that the overall length is correct.

6. Examine it all over, clean it up and finish off armour bright.