Decks; Chimney Openings. Decks are sometimes used in roof framing to prevent some part of the roof from rising too high above the remainder. Such decks are framed of joist stock spiked together with butt joints. Upon the top of such deck joists are placed feathering strips so sawed as to give the deck a slight "fall" in each direction, two to three inches in eight to ten feet. Upon these feathering strips flooring is laid.

The deck is framed, raised and braced, being held up by-studding placed under each corner. Next, the hip rafters are placed, then the flooring on the deck, and finally the common and jack rafters. Should common rafters be placed before the deck flooring, the joists must be braced to withstand the pressure against their sides. On large decks the outer deck frame is doubled.

Chimney openings are framed as shown in Fig. 89.

Fig. 89. Deck Frame

Fig. 89. Deck Frame.