ACACIA, true. The Acacia proxima Mordi, A. dullard's MSS., called in Cuba, Sabiei, and in England Savico and Saracu, is a heavy durable wood of the red mahogany character, but rather darker and plainer; it is highly esteemed in ship-building.

In the Admiralty Museum the leaves, Ac. of this tree are to be seen, and also specimens of the original timbers of the " Gibraltar," of 80 guns, launched in 1751, some of the wood of which is now in such perfect condition that Sir W. Symonds intends to use the old keel of the " Gibraltar," (made of Savico,) for that of a new frigate.

The true acacias are found in warm parts of the world, and yield valuable though usually small timber, which is remarkable for being hard and tough, as Acacia tortuora called Cashaw tree in the West Indies. On the west coast of Africa, Aeacia clerk has very hard white wood, as well as other species. A. melanoxylon, Black wattle tree and Black wood, and A. decurrens. Green wattle, occur in New Holland.

In India Acacia arabica and farnesiana commonly called bubool A. speciocs and A. rundra, yield timber valued for different purposes. Many of these trees exude gum, and their bark is employed in tanning leather.

ACACIA, false, the common acacia or locust-tree. See Locust-tree.