Applicable to nearly all metals less fusible titan the solders; the modes of treatment nearly similar throughout.

The hard solders most commonly used are the spelter solders, and silver solders. The general flux is borax marked A, on next page; and the modes of heating arc the naked fire, the furnace or muffle, and the blowpipe, marked a, b, g.

Note. - The examples commence with the solders, (the least fusible first,) followed by the metals for which they are commonly employed.

Fine Gold, laminated and cut into shreds, is used as the solder for joining chemical vessels made of platinum.

Silver is by many considered as much the best solder for German silver.

Copper in shreds, is sometimes similarly used for iron.

Gold solders laminated, are used for gold alloys. See 275-6 and 444.

Spelter solders granulated whilst hot, are used for iron, copper, brass, gun-metal, German silver, etc, 268, 441-3.

Silver solders laminated, are employed for all silver works and for common gold work, also for German silver, gilding metal, ron, steel, brass, gun-metal, etc, when greater neatness is required than is obtained with spelter solder. 283 and 413.

White or button solders granulated, are employed for the white alloys called button metals; they were introduced as cheap substitutes for silver solder. 272-3.