THE NEW WOOD." This curious name was applied by the late Mr. Marshall, Upholsterer of Soho Square, to some very beautiful wood in his possession, apparently of several distinct kinds, the proper names for which are unknown, although he submitted specimens of them to various institutions in England, Scotland, France, &c

It is in pieces eight or ten foot long, and about twelve inches diameter, which are externally of a dark purple brown, entirely divested of bark and sap. The wood is very fine in the grain, hard and heavy, and although oily, free from scent; splinters of it blister the workmen's bands very quickly. These woods, (of which Mr. Marshall favoured me with specimens,) display all the characters and colours of the most handsome kinds with which we are acquainted, without being strictly like any of them; they well deserve the inspection of the curious, or those who may think their description over-rated.