1 - SIMPLICITY. It is the simplest system that is published and is therefore the easiest to learn. The author was one of the Official Stenographers of the New York Supreme Court. He writes on a practical basis and practises what he preaches. The Munson System is quite generally used by official stenographers in the courts of this country.

2. - GREAT SPEED. The system, once thoroughly learned and mastered, completely satisfies the wants of the most ambitious stenographer. It is capable of being written at the highest Speed required in reporting verbatim the swiftest speakers, and equally fitted for taking dictation in business correspondence.

3 - LEGIBILITY. To all the other admirable characteristics of the system should be added its extreme general legibility. There is no system so well calculated for one writer's being able to read another's notes.

NewYork - G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS - London

Munson Shorthand


Late Official Stenographer, New York Supreme Court

I.  The Art of Phonography

A Complete Instructor in the Best Method of Shorthand for All Kinds of Verbatim Work, with the Author's Latest Improvements. New Revised Edition. Cr. 8vo. 477 pages.......net §2.00

"Writers of any sort of phonographic shorthand will be greatly interested in this massive new text-book. It is the most complete book of shorthand instruction that has ever been published. The old Munson text-book was exceedingly minute and careful in its rules, but the present volume is twice as large, and goes into details with far greater thoroughness." - Springfield Republican.

"It is an entirely new bookt and it is only fair to say that there is not today in all the world another single text-book on the subject of phonography that so fully and thoroughly, in all its details, covers the field of shorthand instruction. Mr. Munson excels as a teacher. With unerring skill he guides the learner who finds, as the lessons one after another unfold the several parts of the perfect system, that he has not been taught anything that he must unlearn, and that he has not to seek elsewhere for further instruction."— Toronto Globe.

II.  A Shorter Course in Munson Phonography

Adapted for the Use of Schools and for Self-Instruction. Cr. 8vo. Second Edition with Important Revisions, net, $1.25

"To those who are looking for the best system of instruction in this most important art, the work is cordially recommended. It has stood the test of thirty years. It is practical. The book is a complete guide, compendium, and reference work. - Hartford Post.

III.  Munson's First Phonographic Reader

Business Correspondence written in Phonographic Characters. Prepared for Use in Connection with " The Art of Phonography," and "A Shorter Course in Munson Phonography." Cr. 8vo.          . . . net 50 cts.

IV.  Munson's Phonographic Dictation Book

Business Correspondence

Longhand Key to Munson's First Phonographic Reader. Cr. 8vo........net 50 cts.

Long experience has proven the justice of the claim that the Munson System has three points of superiority : one, simplicity ; two, great speed ; three, legibility.

Q. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, New York and London