How Should I Pronounce ? Or the Art of Correct Pronunciation. 16°......$1.25

Popular edition. 16° . . . . net 75 cts. "I appreciate its value, and indorse your work as a most serviceable aid to all who wish to speak our language correctly." - Edwin Booth.

"A scholarly and scientific presentation of a most difficult subject."— Prof. T. W. Hunt, College of New Jersey.

12,000 Words Often Mispronounced.

A guide to correct pronunciation. Revised and enlarged edition of "10,000 Words"          160. (86th thousand), net $1.25

The Test-Pronouncer. A companion volume to "12,000 Words Often Mispronounced," containing the identical list of words found in the larger work, arranged in groups of ten, without diacritical marks, for convenience in recitations. 16° . . . .                . net 50 cts.

5000 Words Often Misspelled. A carefully selected list of words difficult to spell, together with directions for spelling, and for the division of words into syllables ; with an appendix containing the rules and list of amended spellings recommended by the Philological Society of London and the American Philological Association. 16° 75 cts.

5000 Facts and Fancies. A cyclopaedia of important, curious, quaint, and unique information in History, Science, Art, and Nature. 8°. (By mail, $3.40) net $3.00

Napoleon : The Return from Saint Helena.

G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS New York and London.

"The book is very terse, comprehensive, and accurate." The Congregationalist, Boston.

Modern Punctuation

A Book for Stenographers, Typewriter Operators, and Business Men

With Hints to Letter-Writers. One Hundred Suggestions to Typewriter Operators, a List of Common Abbreviations with Definitions, and a Vocabulary of Business and Technical Terms, with Spaces for Writing in the Shorthand Equivalents


William Bradford Dickson l6mo. 75 cents

A special feature of the work is the list of business and technical terms given at the end of the volume. To the left of each word space has been given, in order to enable the stenographer to write in his own shorthand outline for the word. The bock can thus be made a shorthand dictionary of difficult words as well as a trustworthy speller.

"The question of punctuation is one upon which stenographers in general need very much education, and this little book states each point with such care that by its aid any one will gain a very thorough knowledge of it."

The National Stenographer, Chicago.

New York G. P. Putnam's Sons       London