"Why do some privileged people have the ability to play by ear ?" The Vivaxis instructor asked herself this question , as she prepared her schedule for the first memory class. Recalling a serious infection in the left ear around the age of eight years, she placed her receiving finger on a memory track located behind her left ear. There was no response in the track as she silently hummed a familiar tune. In contrast, the same test conducted on the memory track behind her right ear stimulated a vibrating response; a response that was recorded with a stimulating motion in her free hand. Fascinated, she continued the testing after playing several tunes on the organ. The memory track responses were consistent with the previous test. Next she reached back in her memory for a tune she knew prior to her ear infection. As she silently hummed "Jingle Bells", the left ear memory track vibrated with instant memory response. The word 'fascinated' flows spontaneously from my pen, for I was extremely FASCINATED and ELATED at the first breakthrough to memory. The second breakthrough came after a period of experimenting,when I found a combination of sulphur and magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts), laid against the bone of the ear, temporarily reinstated a section of the left ear's memory track. It now recorded tunes I heard in the present, but its memory gap remained during the period when I was eight years old up to this time.

The teacher arrived at night school with a tape recorder containing a tape of the tune, "Mexican Hat Dance." It was a gay tune that suited the jubilant mood of the students, as they started to record the responses in the various memory tracks of their ears. Her experiences with the defective ear track were duplicated and confirmed by several students in the class.

Although the magnesium and sulphur were not the final answer to the reinstatement of memory tracks, they lead to the eventual utilization of all the frequencies in the Fifth Life Force, used in conjunction with the stimulation of the designated bone area.

It was significant that among the group who could validly record, we got consistent results. Many of the students assisted in pinpointing various memory tracks. They located some that myself and others were not aware of, for the simple reason ours were no longer recording. The fun began when the students found that they could trace the event and occasion when a track became disoriented.

The teacher had her share of disoriented tracks and the class rocked with laughter when she arrived one evening announcing she had determined when one of her tracks had ceased to record. It was the day before her wedding.

The usual parties, rich foods and excitement that commonly proceed a girl's wedding had taken their toll and this poor girl was miserably ill with a nervous stomach. Mother was frantic! since a large white wedding was planned for the next day. The service was to be held at Christ Church Cathedral and friends and relatives had arrived from distant parts. The doctor was called and the possibility of a bedside wedding was contemplated. My deficient memory track became stimulated when I recalled all the events up to this time. Further, it recalled the doctor handing me some oral medication to take. From that instant all recording ceased until it was reinstated some forty years later. The side effect of the tranquilizing drug was the price I had to pay for a quick recovery that enabled me to walk down the aisle the next day.

My other memory tracks, which were not directly affected by the drug, recorded the events of the day with clarity. I recall one amusing incident that was well recorded in my atomically stable memory tracks. During the part of the service when we were required to kneel and hold hands, my groom's hand started to shake and tremble. This nervous reaction on his part was extremely shattering to the young bride who questioned him after the ceremony. His answer was typically masculine, and is repeated for the humour involved. "When I knelt at the altar, I suddenly remembered I had FORGOTTEN! TO GET THE SOLES OF MY SHOES REPAIRED."

Poor memory has lots of company and when you really start to explore the many practices of our civilization that contribute towards it, you begin to understand why. However, there are many natural causes too, such as a severe blow caused in an accident or oftentimes during contact sports.