III. Time Measurement On The Line Of Fate

Again I measure with a white thread a Straight line from the first bracelet of the Rascette to the root of the second finger, i e., the upper portion of the Mount of Saturn. But instead of folding the thread into two halves, I ignore that portion of it that goes further than the Line of Head - provided that Line of Head is normal; and if it is not normal I judge, by comparison with the normal type, the location where it ought to be cut by the Line of Fate. The lower portion of the thread (below the Line of Head) I fold into three equal parts; then stretching it again along the space indicated above (the fact of the real Line of Fate being shorter does not interfere with the operation).

At the upper end of the first (lowest) third I mark the fifth year.

At the end of the second third I mark the 20th year.

At the end of the third third (i. e., at the meeting with the Line of Head, whether real or imaginary), I mark the 35th year.

Above the Line of Head I do not measure by the thread any longer, but

At the meeting with the Line of Heart I mark the 50th year.

At the root of the second finger I mark the 70th year.

The Line of Fate goes no further; past that age, in ninety-five cases out of a hundred, a man's life is purely vegetative, and its incidents are of no importance.

I have to call your attention to the fact that the measurements on the Line of Fate are modified by the length of the hand, while the measurements on the Line of Life are mostly influenced by the breadth of the hand. These slight differences are left, however, to the sound judgment of the student, and the experience he or she will gradually acquire in this delicate part of the work. With the above system these differences will be of very little account

III Time Measurement On The Line Of Fate 235

IV. Other Measurements

On the Line of the- Sun - Follow the exact system and scale described in reference to the Line of Fate, keeping in mind that the Line of the Sun is often to be considered as a sister line to the Line of Fate.

On the Mount of Mercury, along the Percussion - This refers exclusively to Lines of Union and their position between the Line of Heart and the root of the fourth finger. After long hesitation - for here we are on very uncertain ground - I found that this space ought to be scaled from downward upward, and divided into two halves, the lower one representing the years from 15 to 30 for girls or women, and from 18 to 35 for boys and men, The upper portion contains the rest of the subject's life time.

Along the Line of Union - Here the children are marked by tiny upright lines. The earlier born will be found furthest from the Mount, that is on the Percussion entirely. No closer dates can be obtained upon such narrow ground.

On the Mount of Jupiter. This again refers exclusively to Unions, and the signs by which they are represented on the Mount are crossed with, or without, stars. The space on the Mount, between the Line of Life and the root of the first finger is again to be divided into halves. The lower portion includes the years between 15 and 30 for girls and women, and between 18 and 35 for boys and men. The upper portion contains the indications referring to the rest of the life of the subject.

Along The Percussion Of The Mounts Various

of the Moon and Upper Mars - The space has been divided by Desbarrolles, in his Revelations Completes (2nd Edition, page 258), into thirty equal parts, beginning from ten years old, at the connection of the first bracelet of the Ras-cette with the lower part of the Mount of the Moon, up to a normally placed Line of Heart where 70 is marked; each, of these divisions including a period of two years. Dates of voyages are. according to the master, to be reckoned in obedience to this scale. Personally I have never found it to answer, with any degree of certitude. I prefer being guided by an imaginary line continuing each of these Lines of voyage up to its crossing the Line of the Sun or the Line of Fate, when a fairly correct date can be attained on either of these lines, the first to be used as a scale only in the absence of the second.

V. One More Important Remark

Has for object to warn you against mixing up the date indications found on the Lines of Life and Fate. The principle to follow in the premises is the following:

Whenever you have read an indication and a date on the Line of Life, should the Line of Influence (See my Chapter on the Lines of Influence, etc.) that cuts the Line of Life cut also the Line of Fate or even terminate upon that Line in a sign, do not count the date again; the whole indication has been settled once for all as to time on crossing the Line of Life and you must stop there.