I. Position And Direction

Normal. Starting from under the Mount of Jupiter, encircling the Mount of Venus and the Lower Mount of Mars, provided both are normally placed and of average superficial dimensions.

I Position And Direction 236I Position And Direction 237

This portion of the Mount of Venus between the Mount of the Moon and the Line of Life (normal) indicated in the above illustration by a dotted line is not enclosed by the Line of Life; but for all ordinary readings it may be stated that the Mount of Venus is all within the Line of Life.

Lying closer to the second phalanx of the thumb, especially if there is a star at the intersection of the Lines of Head and Liver - Childlessness; difficulty in child-bearing.

I Position And Direction 238

By reducing the space occupied by the Mount of Venus proper, the generative power of the subject is reduced that much; hence the above reading.

I Position And Direction 239

Coming out in a great circle into the palm of the hand, and Teaching or ending close to the Mount of the Moon - Longevity of unusual duration.

This is in accordance with the principle given below: '"The longer the Line the longer the life." In this case the Line of Life will probable enclose the whole of the Mount of Venus.

Normal for awhile and the starting at

I Position And Direction 240I Position And Direction 241I Position And Direction 242I Position And Direction 243I Position And Direction 244I Position And Direction 245

A short or poor Line, if the Line of Liver does not connect with the Line of Life and goes up, straight and even to the Mount of Mercury - To a great extent this is admitted to make up for the defective Line of Life.

A fine Line of Liver denotes a perfect digestion, and with a good stomach there is a strong probability that life may be prolonged.

Short in both hands - Death at the date indicated on the hand. (See also the Line of Mars, the Rascette and the Line of Liver.)

I take this occasion for repeating that a long and even perfect Line of Life in both hands, while it promises a long life to the subject, does not necessarily guarantee it. This excellent marking simply announces that an important capital of Life is granted the subject by his Maker; but it is only by properly husbanding it that it will last the full allotted time. Other signs in the hands will most probably appear as warnings of a possible curtailing of this inestimable privilege of longevity. Physical or moral defects that may terminate the subject's life prematurely and perhaps abruptly are there to be read and heeded. Hence the extraordinary usefulness of Palmistry as a mentor and a guide.

2. Color, Width, Depth

Of various thicknesses throughout its course - Capricious and fickle temper; uneven state of health.

2 Color Width Depth 246

It is well known that people with frequent periods of ill-health are generally moody and very easily put-out.

2 Color Width Depth 247

Thin and meager in the center - 111 health during- that portion of life. A spot terminating this thinness - Sudden death (with other indications).

Pale and wide - 111 health, bad instincts, feeble and envious character.

The Paleness of the Lines always indicate) poverty of the blood or defective circulation. A line too broad loses much of its value as a carrier of electricity; it is like an overflowing, shallow river that ceases to render Its accustomed services.

Deep and red - Violence and brutality of temper; feverish disposition.

This observation applies to all the main Lines.

Very deep all through - Brusque manners; often violent ways; rapid wearing out of the system.

This abnormal depth of one or more of the main Lines is often a warning of coming paralysis due to dissipation, over-work, or troubles affecting the very source of life.

Of a livid color - Raving madness (with other indications, which see). 3. MALFORMATIONS.

2 Color Width Depth 248

Chained or linked - Delicacy of constitution, nervous troubles; painful life.

2 Color Width Depth 249

Chained or linked under the Mount of Jupiter - Bad health in early life.

The Line is very generally chained at that place which comprises the first six or eight years of one's life. During that period, human beings are especially frail - as is shown by the Tables of Mortality - and even when they escape what is known as "Childhood's diseases," their hold on life is weak to a degree. Hence the chained or linked formation. It is interesting to notice that the same formation is very generally found toward the termination of the Line of Heart, explaining perhaps this diagnosis so frequently given out by 19th century physicians; "death by heart failure." Delicate Childhood, Skin Disease. - A much chained Line of Life up to 12 years old, then on the Line a star with a deep, dark dot in the center. A much chained Line of Heart, and a Line of Liver formed ladderwise by small fragments. Very short nails. The Line of Head separated from the Line of Life at the start and widely forked at the termination. A long, broad-tipped Thumb.

2 Color Width Depth 250

Poor, Diseased Eyesight Until Past Twenty

A Line of Life chained up to 20. A Line of Head separated from the Line of Life and beginning under the Mount of Saturn, had been gradually attached to the Line of Life by capillary lines. A star on the 3rd phalanx of the third finger toward the second finger.

"A young professor of law, afflicted with very poor general health and eyesight up to 20; had short nails (critical mind). Recovered somewhat from the trouble with his eyes: but the organ remained very weak."

Poor Diseased Eyesight Until Past Twenty 251Poor Diseased Eyesight Until Past Twenty 252

Formed of small lines arranged ladderwise - Poor general health during the period of life represented by the space occupied by this ladder-like formation.

(b) In Combination with other Indications.

Poor Diseased Eyesight Until Past Twenty 253

A long fine Line, without any Lines of Fate or Sun in the hand - A healthy but uneventful existence, with but little chance of making money.

A short Line in froth hands with all the other main lines above the average in deafness and directness and with a good first phalanx of the thumb - The duration of the Line will be most probably prolonged by the moral energy and well sustained efforts of the subject.