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Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac, is situated in the Southern Celestial Hemisphere, the constellation being composed of fifty-one visible stars known to ancient Oriental nations as the southern gate of the Sun, because its entry into this sign on December 22nd marks the shortest day and the commencement of the winter solstice, when the Sun is farthest south of the Equator, after which its light slowly increases and correspondingly the days become slightly longer.

The Sun

The Sun occupies this House until January 19th approximately, and as its Latin name, Capricornus, signifies, is symbolised by a Goat, as illustrated in No. 10 of the coloured Frontispiece. Saturn is the ruling planet of this House, and as he is sometimes depicted as an old man with a scythe (literally Old Father Time familiar to every one), this may explain the ancient Akkadian name for this month, Abba-uddu, meaning Old Father; and as the Greek words signifying both Time and Saturn differ only in one letter, in all probability the two may have been regarded as synonymous.

The Cornucopia, Or Horn Of Plenty

The Cornucopia, Or Horn Of Plenty, was also used as a symbol of this House, as in Ancient Mythology Saturn is believed to have introduced civilisation and the arts of husbandry, so that, as described by Virgil -

"With his mild empire peace and plenty came; And hence the golden Times derived their name," the increasing length of the days promising a bountiful future.

Very frequently the Goat is shown with a fish's body joined to the shoulders, which is explained in classical literature as the result of an adventure of the god Pan. This deity, who was considered by the Greeks to symbolise the House, whilst feasting with other gods on the banks of the Nile was attacked by the monster Typhon. In order to escape Pan and his friends plunged into the river, assuming different shapes, Pan taking the form of a fish for the lower half of his body, and the head, shoulders, and forelegs of a goat for the other half.

The Symbol Of The Goat Climbing A Rocky Eminence

The Symbol Of The Goat Climbing A Rocky Eminence (as shown in the illustration), is very appropriate to well-developed subjects born under the influence of Capricorn who seem for ever persistently and patiently climbing upwards, and who are capable of great resistance in overcoming obstacles in the way, their dauntless energy and courage in facing difficulties reminding us of the goats kept by the owners of the great cattle ranches in Mexico, on account of their superior courage and intelligence to sheep, and who, if the latter are in danger of an attack by wolves, will face the foes, showing fight and fearlessness, collecting the sheep round them, and thus preventing a stampede, making their protection easier by the herdsmen.

Capricorn is an earthy sign, and its subjects are apt to exaggerate the importance of earthly life, and in youth suffer much furtive and fearful curiosity, regarding the mysteries of birth and death, and, as children, feel deeply any snub or reproof, and should never be brought up by coarse-minded people, as they readily take on the conditions of those around them, and although appreciative of commendation lose heart when indifferently treated.

This sign is typical of a remarkable continuity of purpose, and those born under its influence are deep thinkers and insatiable in their desire for knowledge, assiduous students, quick to seize and take advantage of any opportunity for self-improvement or advancement, indefatigable workers, and capable of planning out several schemes and thoughts at the same time.

The desire to make money is a marked characteristic, not so much for its own sake in the majority of cases as for the power and opportunities which wealth brings; but although thrifty and discreet in financial affairs generally it is difficult for them to economise in personal matters, and although they work harder and know better than most how to make both ends meet, yet the proverbial rainy day occasionally finds them unprepared.

They are generous by fits and starts, giving ungrudgingly of time as well as money where others bestow little, and nothing where others give much, and, in contrast to the Sagittarian type who give mostly to large institutions, the subjects of Capricorn prefer helping the individual.

The typical Capricornian takes life earnestly, and is much interested in the occult side of nature, as well as a great upholder of old customs and observances that bind the present with the past old-world traditions and antiquities generally having a great fascination for these subjects. When adversely aspected, however, this type degenerates sadly, showing great despondency and dread of failure in all they undertake, and without some outside stimulus becoming more and more apprehensive and mistrustful, avaricious and covetous until it is almost impossible to live with them. When the ruling planet Saturn is badly aspected by Mars, revolutionary tendencies and a cruel enjoyment of the sufferings of others is indicated; but so great is the love of work even amongst the most primitive of these subjects of Capricorn, that they are too much engaged to have time to be vicious, and when the malefic side of the Satur-nian's qualities are very noticeable, it is often the result of too much solitude wherein the subject has brooded over troubles and anxieties.

The temper is strong and forceful, but generally well under control, although lasting when roused and bitterly resentful.

The constitution is remarkably strong, and these subjects frequently live to a good old age, the ailments to which they are liable being colds, deafness, affections of or accidents to the joints, especially the knees, which are ruled by this sign (and are often weak), colic, from flatulence, toothache, spleen, and liver trouble, also severe ear and headaches caused by nervous prostration, from mental and physical labour in excess. Endurance, Penetration, Caution, and Prudence being very noticeable in this type, they excel in all professions requiring shrewdness and acute discernment rising through personal merit to be recognised authorities in the various callings to which they are suited.

India, which comes under the rule of Capricorn, aptly illustrates the qualities and failings, for amongst the Indians we find profound learning, great power, rank, and a painstaking care of minute particulars; whilst the lower caste fittingly illustrate the debasement of the type. Subjects of this House are adapted for most professions and employments of a public or a governmental character. Being natural organisers, their concise methods are sought after by the weaker types they so often serve. Priests, Monks, Occultists, Organists, Statesmen, Editors, Authors, Designers, Architects, Builders, Mining Speculators, Land Surveyors, Agriculturists, Gardeners, are all professions and callings to which this type are attracted; also as Labourers, Miners, Carpenters, and woodcutters, it being interesting to note that Mr. Gladstone, who was born during this period, and who was an extremely good example of the highly intellectual subjects of this House, had also a fondness for tree-felling.

In marriage and friendship they are slow to form attachments, and are frequently unmarried; but when once attracted the influence is deep and lasting, although their love affairs are liable to great and fateful changes, for living, as a rule, solitary and self-centred lives, they create ideals beyond human attainment, and failing to realise their anticipations are often disappointed. Saturn, their ruling planet, being favourable to old rather than young people, they are advised not to marry early, the most happy and prosperous times in their lives being often between middle life and seventy, and they will harmonise best with those born during the Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio periods.

The gems of this House are the Ruby, Spinel, Malachite, Black Onyx, and Jet.