In a Merit Badge Exposition the demonstration goes on and on, but with a platform demonstration it comes to an end, and then the platform should be cleared swiftly to make way for the next program item. In a Scout street show, circus or series of Merit Badge demonstrations, the prompt arrival and rapid departure of each team on the program keep things moving and make a stream of program action which people like.

Halter Made At Agricultural College Minnesota


The following craft pages are offered for direct help to leaders in stimulating craft activities with their Scouts for the whole year.

The crafts usually described in other Scout books, in general, have been omitted here, in favor of the more distinctively rural projects and activities.

Craft work is done by the Scout at home between meetings, whether on a farm or in town. When completed, if not put into use, the object made may be wrapped and stored for future exhibits and demonstrations.

The following pages are so illustrated as to require a minimum of printed instructions, as to tools and materials needed.

Leaders should encourage Scouts to earn and own their own set of tools. Skilled men and craft experts may be brought in to Scout meetings to demonstrate the sharpening, adjusting and care of all edge and cutting tools. Having a place for each tool and keeping it in first class condition are essentials to be taught. A dull tool is dangerous.

A tool chest is an excellent Scout project, and each Scout should be encouraged to build a chest to hold his "kind" of tools-carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic, soil testing tools and farm repair tools.