The Chairman of this District Initial Gifts Committee will receive the instructions and suggestions for

In most districts, these workers will need to have district "get togethers" both in preparation for carrying out the district plan of campaign, and in checking on results within the district. the campaign details from the regular Campaign Committee Chairman.

IX. District General Solicitations Chairman

As a member of the Area Council's General Solicitations Committee, this District Chairman of General Solicitations brings to his district the council plan representing the entire association of districts which he has helped draw up and planned with his district men. He now must select the necessary captains and team workers. The district will of course have towns or villages in it, so his job is to see that the general solicitations machinery is set up for each of the communities, so that each may work the district plan in his part of the district at the same time.

X. District Committee on Audit.

The Council Committee on Audit should establish a definite self-checking and receipting procedure for the receiving of pledges and money and turning these over to the chairman who in turn will transfer same to Council Treasurer. In handling public gifts or contributions, care should be exercised to so handle and record every item that its audit by others can be readily done.

XI. Post-Campaign District Survey.

Immediately following the campaign, the District Finance Committee, in consultation with the district campaign leaders, should go over the whole district campaign personnel list and record men whose achievement in the campaign would warrant their use again. These should be carded and filed. Do not trust to memory a year or two later!

Proper appreciation should be extended at once to each solicitor. A letter of appreciation-invitation to a camp "feed"-"cultivation reports" to him during the year-all tend to keep his interest alive.

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The contributors also should have a similar appreciation. Whether these contributor contacts should come from the council-or whether they should come from the district is a matter for the Council Finance Committee to determine. The important thing is to get it done, an appreciation luncheon or dinner may be helpful to afford opportunity to publicly thank men "who did this job for their boys of the district."

Most campaigns in rural districts discover many new men. One of the jobs of the District Finance Committee and the District Chairman is to list these men and proceed to draw them into all-year relationships to district and council programs as committee members, Commissioners and rural Scout leaders, and as "Friends and Counselors" of Lone Scouts out in the district.