Abel Stevens, an American clergyman, born in Philadelphia, Jan. 19, 1815. lie studied at Wesleyan university, Middletown, Conn., and in 1834 was settled as pastor of a Methodist Episcopal church in Boston. In 1837 he travelled in Europe, and on his return was stationed in Providence, R. I. In 1840 he took editorial charge of "Zion's Herald" in Boston, and in 1852 of the "National Magazine," New York; in 1855 revisited Europe, and on returning in 1856 was elected editor of the "Christian Advocate and Journal," New York, He afterward became joint editor of "The Methodist," from which he retired in 1874. Dr. Stevens has published "Memorials of the Introduction of Methodism into New England" (1848); "Memorials of the Progress of Methodism in the Eastern States " (1852); "Church Polity;" " The Preaching required by the Times" (1855); "Sketches and Incidents, a Budget from the Saddle Bags of an Itinerant;" " The Great Reform;" "History of the Religious Movement of the Eighteenth Century called Methodism" (3 vols., 1858-'61), which has been several times edited and reprinted in England; "Life and Times of Nathan Bangs, 1). I)." (1863); " History of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America" (4 vols., 1864-'7); " The Centenary of American Methodism " (1866); "The Women of Methodism" (1866); and "Compendium of the History of Methodism" (18G8).