Adam Gurowski, count, a Polish author and revolutionist, born at Rusocice in the palatinate of Kalisz, Sept. 10, 1805, died in Washington, D. C, May 4, 1866. Having been expelled in 1818, and again in 1819, from the gymnasia of Warsaw and Kalisz for revolutionary demonstrations, he continued his studies at different universities in Germany. He returned to Warsaw in 1825, and took part in the Polish insurrection of 1830. At its termination he took up his residence in Paris, where he was a member of the national Polish committee, and became conspicuous in political and literary circles. His estates had been confiscated by the Russian government, and he had been condemned to death; but in 1835 he published a work entitled La verite sur la Russie, in which he advocated a union of the different branches of the Slavic race. The idea was regarded favorably by the Russian government, and Gurowski was recalled; and although his estates were not restored to him, he was employed in the civil service. In 1844 he became involved in a quarrel, and left Russia. He spent some time in Germany, and afterward in Switzerland, and for two years lectured on political economy in the university of Bern. He then went to Italy, and in 1849 came to the United States, where he engaged in literary pursuits, and became deeply interested in American politics.

From 1861 to 1863 he was employed in the department of state at Washington. Before coming to America he had published La civilisation et la Russie (St. Petersburg, 1840); Pensees sur l'avenir des Polonais (Berlin, 1841); Aus meinem Gedankenbuche (Bres-lau, 1843); Eine Tour durch Belgien (Heidelberg, 1845); Impressions et souvenirs (Lausanne, 1846); Die letzten Ereignisse in den drei Theilen des alten Polen (Munich, 1846); and Le Panslavisme (Florence, 1848). During his residence in the United States he published "Russia as It Is" (New York, 1854); "The Turkish Question" (1854); "A Year of the War " (1855); " America and Europe " (1857); " Slavery in History " (1860); and " My Diary," notes on the civil war (3 vols., 1862-'6).