Alexander Bain, a Scottish philosopher, born in Aberdeen in 1818. He was educated at Marischal college, and was teacher of moral and natural philosophy there 1841-'5, professor of natural philosophy at the Andersonian university 1845-'6, assistant secretary of the metropolitan sanitary commissioners 1847-'8, and of the general board of health 1848-'50, examiner in logic and moral philosophy at the university of London 1857-'62, examiner in moral science for the India civil service 1858-'60 and 1863, and professor of logic and English literature in the university of Aberdeen 1860-'64. In the latter year he again became examiner in the university of London. He became a contributor to the "Westminster Review " in 1840, wrote for the "Cyclopaedia" and other publications of the Messrs. Chambers, including text books on various sciences for their school series, and edited Paley's "Moral Philosophy," with dissertations and notes (1852). His principal works are: "The Senses and the Intellect" (1855); "The Emotions and the Will" (1859); "The Study of Character" (1861); "English Composition and Rhetoric" (revised ed., 1866); "Mental and Moral Science" (1868); and "Logic" (1870). .