Alexander Chalmers, a British author, born at Aberdeen, Scotland, March 29, 1759, died in' London, Dec. 10, 1834. He was the son of a printer, received a classical education, and after his arrival in London, about 1777, he wrote for the press and edited many works and several periodical publications. His fame rests on the "General Biographical Dictionary" (32 vols., 1812-'17). He also prepared annotated editions of the British essayists, of Shakespeare, and of the English poets from Chaucer to Cow-per. In 1820 he published an abridgment of Johnson's English dictionary by Todd; the 9th edition of Boswell's Johnson in 1822; and a new edition of Shakespeare and one of Johnson's works in 1823. Among his other editions were the complete writings of Fielding, Boling-broke, and Gibbon, besides a vast number of individual biographies. At different periods he was editor of the London "Morning Herald," associate editor of the "Morning Chronicle," and a frequent contributor, under the signature of "Senex," to the "St, James's Chronicle," as well as to the critical reviews.