Aloizy Prosper Biernacki, a Polish agricultural reformer, born near Kalisz in 1778, died in Paris in August, 1856. He devoted himself to scientific agriculture, and established on his estates a school of mutual instruction on the Lancasterian method. He improved the breed of sheep by introducing into Poland merinos of a superior quality, and to his indefatigable exertions Poland is greatly indebted for agricultural improvements. His estate, Sulislawice, near Kalisz, was the earliest model farm in Poland, established at his own cost, long before the existence of any other similar institution. He was one of the leaders of the constitutional party under Alexander I. and Nicholas, and during the revolution of 1830-'31 was for a short time minister of finance. After the suppression of the revolution he emigrated to Paris, where he lived in studious occupation till his death. - His elder brother Jozef, also of high mental accomplishments, a fervent and devoted patriot, fought in the French revolutionary army in Italy against the Austrians and Russians, and after participating in the Polish revolution of 1830-'31, and in some subsequent movements, he died in 1836, a state prisoner in Russia.