Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps, an American teacher, born in Berlin, Conn., in 1793. At the age of 19 she taught school at her father's house, and not long afterward took charge of the Sandy Hill (N. Y.) female academy. In 1817 she was married to Simeon Lincoln of Hartford, then editor of the " Connecticut Mirror." He died in 1823, and soon afterward she became associated with her sister Mrs. Emma Willard in the direction of the female seminary at Troy, N. Y., where she continued till 1831, when she was married to the Hon. John Phelps of Vermont. In 1838 she took charge of a seminary at West Chester, Pa., and afterward taught in Rahway, N. J. In 1841, on the invitation of the bishop of Maryland, Mr. and Mrs. Phelps took charge of the Pa-tapsco institute, a diocesan female school, which soon attained a high reputation; and after the death of Mr. Phelps in 1848 Mrs. Phelps conducted it alone till 1856, when she resigned. She has published " Familiar Lectures on Botany" (Hartford, 1829; last revised ed., 1865); "Dictionary of Chemistry " (New York, 1830); "Botany for Beginners" (Hartford, 1831; last ed., Philadelphia, 1867); " Geology for Beginners " (Brattleboro, 1832); " Female Student, or Fireside Friend" (Boston, 1833; London, 1838); "Caroline Westerly" (New York, 1833); " Chemistry for Beginners" (New York, 1834; last ed., Philadelphia, 1865); " Lectures on Natural Philosophy " (New York, 1835; enlarged ed., 1854); " Lectures on Chemistry " (New York, 1837; revised ed., Philadelphia, 1865); " Natural Philosophy for Beginners " (New York, 1837; last ed., Philadelphia, 1865); "Ida Norman" (Baltimore, 1850); "Hours with my Pupils" (New York, 1859); and " Christian Households " (1860 and 1869). She also edited " Our Country in its Relations to the Past, Present, and Future " (Baltimore, 1864), for the benefit of the Christian and sanitary commissions.