Allien Partridge, an American soldier, born in Norwich, Vt., about 1785, died there, Jan. 17, 1854. He graduated at West Point in 1806, and acted as assistant professor and afterward professor of mathematics in that institution from that time till 1813. He was professor of engineering from 1813 to 1816, and superintendent from January, 1815, to November, 1816, and from January to July, 1817. In 1818 he left the service, with the rank of captain. He was the principal of the exploring survey sent out in 1819 to determine the N. W. boundary of the United States. He founded in 1820 at Norwich, Vt., a military academy, which was afterward removed for a time to Middletown, Conn., but restored to Norwich and incorporated as Norwich university, with Capt. Partridge as its president. He subsequently founded similar institutions in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware, was chosen surveyor general of his native state in 1822, and was a member of the Vermont legislature from 1833 to 1839.