Asplvwall, Or Colon, a city and seaport of the United States of Colombia, the Atlantic terminus of the Panama railway, situated on the island of Manzanilla in Limon or Navy bay, in lat. 9° 21' 23" N., lon. 79° 53' 52" W., 47 m. by rail N. N. W. of Panama; pop. in 1872, about 6,500. The island of Manzanilla (area, 650 acres) was in 1852 ceded to the railway company for ever. The harbor of Aspinwall is one of the best on the coast. The town was founded by the railway company in 1850, and was originally intended to serve merely as a port of transit; but it has become a centre of supply for many neighboring towns. The office and freight depot of the railway company, the former of brick and the latter a massive stone structure 300 by 80 ft., are the only edifices worthy of note. The railway company's wharf, 40 ft. wide, extends out from the shore upon a coral reef nearly 1,000 ft. The former insalubrity of the place has been in great part remedied by raising its level and by thorough drainage. The port is now (1872) visited monthly by three steamers from New York, four from English, two from German, and two from French ports.