Baron Stow, an American clergyman, born in Croydon, N. H., June 16, 1801, died in Boston, Dec. 27, 1869. He graduated at Columbian college, D. C, in 1825, and in 1825-'27 edited the " Columbian Star." On Oct. 24, 1827, he was ordained pastor of a Baptist church in Portsmouth, N. II., and in 1832 became pastor of the Baldwin place Baptist church in Boston, and in 1848 of the Rowe street church. He was recording secretary of the board of the general missionary convention from 1838 to 1846. He published "Memoir of Harriet Dow" (1832); "History of the English Baptist Mission to India " (1835); " History of the Danish Mission on the Coast of Coromandel" (1837); " Daily Manna for Christian Pilgrims " (1842); "The Whole Family in Heaven and Earth" (1845); "Question Book of Christian Doctrine" (1848); "The Psalmist," with the Rev. S. F. Smith (1849); "Christian Brotherhood" (1859); and "First Things, or Development of Church Life " (1859). His life has been written by R. H. Neale (Boston, 1870).