Bay Of Biscay, an extensive bay of the Atlantic, N. of Spain and W. of France, the opening of which extends from Cape Ortega! to the island of Ushant It is about 350 m. long, and 800 in width, being nearly semicircular It is exceedingly stormy and tempestuous; the whole force of the westerly winds is felt, while the recoil of the waves from the coast causes a very heavy sea. A current sweeps round the inside of the hay, known as Rennell's current which rums sometimes 26 m. per day. The Spanish coast washed by the waters of the bay is bold and rocky. The French coast is low and sandy as far as the Loire, north of which it is of moderate height. The principal French harbors of the bay of Biscay are Bayonne, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Nantes, Vannes, Lorient, and Brest; the principal on the Spanish coast are San Sebastian, Santander, and Gijon. The rivers of the north of Spain, which from the contiguity of the mountain chain to the coast are of little size or importance, find their outlet in the bay of Biscay, which receives from France the Loire, the Garonne, and some smaller streams.