Bela Bates Edwards, an American author and editor, born in Southampton, Mass., July 4, 1802, died in Georgia, April 20, 1852. He graduated at Amherst college in 1824, entered the seminary at Andover in 1825, in 1826 was appointed tutor at Amherst, and in 1828 was chosen assistant secretary of the American education society, and performed the duties of this office till 1833. His literary and editorial labors were very great and important. From 1828 to 1842 he edited for the education society the "American Quarterly Register." In 1833 he established the " American Quarterly Observer," which, after three volumes, was united with the " Biblical Repository " of Prof. Robinson, which he edited from 1835 to 1838. Of the "Bibliotheca Sacra" he was the editor from 1844 to 1852. In 1837 he was appointed professor of Hebrew in the seminary at Andover; and in 1848 of Biblical literature, which office he held till his death. He prepared the " Eclectic Reader," " Biography of Self-taught Men," "Memoirs of E. Cornelius" (1842), a volume on the Epistle to the Gala-tians, and the "Missionary Gazetteer" (1832). A selection of his sermons, lectures, and addresses, with a memoir by Prof. Park (2 vols. 12mo), was published in Boston in 1853.