Boni, one of the principal states of the Bughis nation in the S. W. peninsula of Celebes, bounded E. by the gulf of Boni and W. by Macassar; area, 2,850 sq. m.; pop. 180,000. The country is mountainous, Lompo-Batang (great pillar), 8,200 ft. high, being the loftiest peak on the island. Lake Labaya, in the N. W. corner of the territory, is a beautiful sheet of water, 24 m. long by 13 broad, and receives numerous small streams. The valleys and plains are fertile, and inhabited by a thrifty and. industrious people. They carry on considerable traffic in gold dust, tortoise shell, pearl, camphor, nutmegs, and various drugs, and obtain European products from Batavia and Singapore. The country is tributary to the Netherlands, but is governed by a king who is chosen for life by the chiefs of the eight petty states of which it is composed, and who can decide upon no important measure without their consent. The capital is the inconsiderable town of Boni, on the shores of the gulf, in lat. 4° 22' S., Ion. 120° 18' E.