Philip L, called the Handsome, archduke of Austria and king of Castile, born in Bruges, July 22, 1478, died in Burgos, Sept. 25, 1506. He was the son of the archduke of Austria, afterward the emperor Maximilian I. of Germany. By the death of his mother, Mary of Burgundy, in 1482, he became duke of Burgundy and sovereign of the Low Countries. In 1496 he married Joanna, called the Mad, second daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. Three heirs to the throne of Aragon and Castile, whose claims took precedence of Joanna's, having died, she and Philip were proclaimed heirs, and in 1501 left Flanders for Spain. In 1502 their claims were acknowledged the cortes of the two Spanish kingdoms. Philip soon after returned to Flanders, leaving his wife in Spain. She followed him the next year, and on the death of Isabella in 1504 Philip in right of his wife assumed the title of king of Castile. Toward the close of 1505 they embarked for Spain, but were driven by storms on the coast of England, where they were detained for three months by Henry VII., and were forced to sign treaties advantageous to that monarch. Ferdinand, had been appointed regent of Castile by the will of Isabella, and endeavored to retain his power.

The greater part of the nobility of Castile declared in favor of Philip and Joanna, and Ferdinand was compelled to retire to his kingdom of Aragon. Philip now abandoned himself to dissipation, and soon died of a fever brought on by his excesses. He was the father of Charles I. of Spain and V. of Germany, of the emperor Ferdinand I., and of four daughters who became queens.