Philip William Otterbein, founder of the church of the United Brethren in Christ, born in Dillenburg, Germany, June 4, 1726, died in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 17, 1813. He was ordained to the ministry in the Reformed church at Herborn in 1749, and in 1752 he was sent to America as a missionary. He was first settled at Lancaster, Pa.; afterward served congregations at Tulpehocken and York, Pa., and Frederick, Md.; and in 1774 went to Baltimore, where he established an independent congregation, over which he presided about 40 years. At Lancaster, shortly after his arrival, he experienced what he regarded as a change of heart, and as a consequence was led to hold prayer meetings, class meetings, and open-air meetings in groves. He soon associated with himself other preachers, and at the time of his death there were united with him about 100 preachers and 20,000 members. When the Methodist preachers came to Pennsylvania and Maryland, he cooperated with them, and assisted Dr. Coke in the ordination of Francis Asbury. (See United Brethren in Christ).