Pierre J. 0. Chauveau, a Canadian statesman and author, born at Quebec, May 30,1820. He received his education at the seminary in that city, and studied law. He first attracted attention as a writer in Le Canad'ten from 1838 to 1841. In 1844 he was elected to the legislature for the county of Quebec. He was solicitor general in 1851, and provincial secretary in 1853, holding the latter office till 1855, when he was appointed superintendent of education for Lower Canada. Under his administration of the school system normal schools were established, and the cause of education advaneed. After the confederation was organized, he was first minister of the government of Quebec from 1867 to the beginning of 1873, when he became speaker of the senate of Canada. He has considerable literary reputation in Canada. His principal work is "Charles Guerin," a novel published in 1853, which gives a graphic picture of French-Canadian life and society. It was the first French-Canadian novel ever published.