Pierre Laurent Bnirette de Belloy, a French dramatist, born at St. Flour, in Auvergne, Nov. 17, 1727, died in Paris, March 5, 1775. • He was educated for the bar, but became an actor at St. Petersburg and other places. His first tragedy, Titus (Paris, 1759), failed, and his Zelmire (1769) was redeemed only by the acting of Mlle. Clairon; but his Siege de Calais (1765) was successful, being the first attempt to dramatize French history. Voltaire joined in the applause of the court and the people, but became an adverse critic after the author's death. His subsequent plays were not equally successful, although his Gaston et Bayard (1771) procured for him a seat in the academy. The cold reception of his Pierre le Cruel (1772) gave a shock to his health from which he never recovered. He was in great pecuniary distress toward the close of his life, and Louis XVI. sent 1,000 francs for his relief. A complete edition of his works was published in 6 vols. (Paris, 1779-'87), and a selected edition in 2 vols., with a biographical notice by L. S. Auger (1811).