I. Cesar Gabriel

Cesar Gabriel, count de Choi-seul, duke de, a French statesman, born in Paris, Aug. 14, 1712, died there, Nov. 15, 1785. In 1748 he retired from the army with the rank of general, after 17 years' service. He was ambassador in Vienna from 1758 to 1760, succeeded his cousin the duke de Choi-seul as minister of foreign affairs in 1761, was made a duke and peer in 1762, and in 1763 signed the treaty which ended the seven years' war. In 1766 he became minister of marine and president of the royal council of finance. He enlarged'and fortified the port of Brest, increased the navy, and promoted the expedition of Bougainville. In 1770 he retired from office with Choiseul.

II. Charles Lanre Hugnes Theobald

Charles Lanre Hugnes Theobald, duke de Choiseul-Praslin, a descendant of the preceding, born in Paris, June 29, 1805, died there, Aug. 24, 1847. He was a deputy from 1839 to 1842, and an equerry to the duchess of Orleans till 1845, when he was made a peer. In his 19th year he married the only daughter of Marshal Sebas-tiani, by whom he had several children. On Aug. 17,1847, her body was found in her room hacked to pieces. He was arraigned before a tribunal of peers for assassinating her, and was sent to prison, where he poisoned himself.