Prince De Rohan Louis Rene Edouard, a French cardinal, born Sept. 25, 1734, died at Ettenheim, Baden, Feb. 17, 1803. He was destined for the church, and became while very young the associate of his uncle the bishop of Strasburg. In 1772 he was ambassador from Louis XV. to Vienna, was recalled in 1774.on account of his giving offence to the empress Maria Theresa by scandalous luxury and political meddling, and appointed after his return to various places of distinction and emolument. In 1778 he was made a cardinal, and in 1779 bishop of Strasburg. He was imprisoned in 1785 for his part in the affair of the diamond necklace, which so gravely compromised Marie Antoinette (see Lamotte-Valois), and was released in 1786, but dismissed from court utterly disgraced. In 1789 he was a deputy of the clergy of Hagenau to the states general; but being accused of disloyal conduct, he resigned his seat, and retired to his estate on the Rhine beyond the jurisdiction of France. In 1801, in consequence of the concordat, he resigned the bishopric of Strasburg.