Ralph Wardlaw, a Scottish clergyman, born at Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Dec. 22, 1779, died in Glasgow, Dec. 17, 1858. He was educated at the university of Glasgow and the divinity hall of the Secession church in Selkirk. From 1803 till his death he had charge of a congregation of Scottish Independents in Glasgow, and from 1811 he was professor of systematic theology in the Independent theological academy in that city. The completion of the 50th year of his ministry in 1853 was celebrated by a public meeting, in connection with which a large sum of money was collected and expended in erecting the "Wardlaw Jubilee School and Mission House " at Dove Hill, a destitute part of the city. His works include " Discourses on the Socinian Controversy " (1814); " Unitarianism incapable of Vindication" (1816); "Expository Lectures on the Book of Ecclesiastes" (2 vols. 8vo, 1821); and " Lectures on Systematic Theology" (3 vols. 8vo, 1856 -'7). - See "Memoir of the Life and Writings of Ralph Wardlaw, D. D.," by W. L. Alexander, D. D. (London, 1856).