Richard Grant White, an American author, born in New York, May 22, 1822. He graduated at the university of New York in 1839, studied medicine and law, was admitted to the bar, and became a writer for the "Courier and Enquirer " newspaper and for other journals. He has published " A Biographical and Critical Hand Book of Christian Art" (1853); "Shakespeare's Scholar" (1854); a variorum edition of Shakespeare, with a memoir and a critical essay (12 vols., 1857-'62); " Essay upon the Authorship of the Three Parts of Henry VI." (1859); "National Hymns," an essay embodying hymns written for a prize of $600 offered by a national committee (1861); " The New Gospel of Peace, according to St. Benjamin," a political satire, published anonymously (in four books, 1863-'6); "Memoirs of the Life of William Shakespeare, with an Essay toward the Expression of his Genius " (8vo, 1865); and "Words and their Uses" (1870; revised ed., 1872). He has edited " The Book Hunter" (1863), and "Poetry of the Civil.War" (1866), and is the author of the "Yankee" letters in the London "Spectator" from 1863 to 1867.