Richard Simon, a French Biblical critic, born in Dieppe, May 13, 1638, died there, April 11, 1712. He entered the congregation of the Oratory in 1.662, was professor of philosophy successively in the college of Juilly and in that of the Oratory in Paris, and in 1671 became involved in a controversy with the Port Royalists by a publication entitled Fides Ecclesioe Orientalis. In 1678 appeared his Histoire critique du Vieux Testament, in which he attributes the authorship of the Pentateuch to scribes of the time of Ezra. It was violently assailed by Bossuet and suppressed, and the author excluded from the Oratory. The opinions of Simon have since been adopted by many rationalistic theologians. Among his other works are: Histoire critique de la cre-ance et des coutumes des nations du Levant (Amsterdam, 1684); Histoire critique du texte du Nouveau Testament (Rotterdam, 1689); Histoires critiques des principaux commenta-teurs du Nouveau Testament (Rotterdam, 1692); and Nouvelles observations sur le texte et les versions du Nouveau Testament (Paris, 1695).