Robert Nieolas Charles Bochsa, a harpist and composer, bom at Montmedy, France, Aug. 8, 1789, died in Australia in June, 1856. When 7 years old he performed in public on the pianoforte, and at 12 had composed symphonies, concertos, overtures, and a quartet. At the age of 16 he began to study the harp, and was placed in the conservatoire at Paris, where he was instructed by Mehul in composition. At the end of the first year he obtained the principal prize in harmony. He soon acquired eminence as a performer on the harp, and his published compositions for it amount to 150, exclusive of 50 studies and two methods for pupils. In 1813 he was appointed by Napoleon first harpist at his private concerts; and he filled the same office under Louis XVIII. He com-posed a Dumber of operas for the French stage, successful in their day, but now nearly forgotten. In 1817 he went to England, where his professional career lasted 30 years. In 1822 he became professor of the harp at the royal academy of music, of which institution he was also appointed a life governor.

From 1847 he made musical tours in North America, Australia, etc, with Madame Anna Bishop.