Robert Pollok, a Scottish author, born at Muirhouse, Eaglesham parish, Renfrewshire, in 1799, died near Southampton, Sept. 15,1827. He graduated at the university of Glasgow, studied theology there, and became a licentiate of the United Secession church in 1827. While a student he published anonymously three prose tales, " Helen of the Glen," " Ralph Gemmell," and " The Persecuted Family," which were republished collectively under the title " Tales of the Covenanters " (Edinburgh, 1833; new ed., 1867). His reputation rests upon " The Course of Time," a long poem in blank verse (1827), which has enjoyed immense popularity, quite as much for its religious sentiments as for its poetical merits. Some portions of the closing books were written at the rate of 1,000 lines a week. The 78th thousand was issued in Edinburgh in 1868, and more than 20 editions have appeared in the United States. Pollok was about to embark for Italy, for his health, when he died. His life was written by his brother (Edinburgh, 1843).