Rudolph Gottschall, a German poet and dramatist, born in Breslau, Sept. 30, 1823. He studied law at Konigsberg, where he published anonymously in 1842-3 Lieder der Gegenwart and Censurfluchtling. He was afterward ex-pelled from the university of Breslau on account of a political demonstration made in his favor. After some time he was allowed to resume his studies in that city, but could not obtain a license as. a professor, though he received a diploma as doctor of philosophy at Konigsberg, where he became a dramatist. Subsequently he resided at Hamburg, Breslau, and Posen, and from 1864 at Leipsic as editor of Unsere Zeit, of Blatter fur literarische Un-terhaltungen, and of Per neue Plutarch (1874 et seq.). His poetical works include Gedichte (1849)), Die Gottin (1853), Carlo Zeno (1854), Neue Gedichte (1858), Kriegslieder (1871), and Janus: Friedens- and Kriegsgedichte (1873). The most renowned of his plays are the comedy Pitt und Fox, the drama Mazeppa, and the tragedies Katharina Howard and Herzog Bern-hard von Weimar. Among his prose writings are Die deutsche Nationalliteratur im 19. Jahr-hnndert (3 vols., 1853-'72), Poetik (1858), and Portrats und Studien (4 vols., 1870-'71).