Sailt Ste. Marie, Or Sanlt De Ste. Marie. I. A village and the county seat of Chippewa co., Michigan, on St. Mary's strait, at the foot of the rapids, and on the ship canal connecting the navigation of Lakes Huron and Superior, 290 m. N. by W. of Detroit, and 145 m. E. of Marquette; pop. in 1870, 1,213. The village is pleasantly situated on the site of an ancient French fort and missionary station. Fort Brady was built here in 1822 by the United States government, but it is now abandoned. The inhabitants are mostly French Canadians and Indians, and they subsist by exchanging furs, fish, and maple sugar with the vessels that touch here, for provisions and manufactured goods. The village contains three hotels and two churches, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic.

II. A Port Of Entry And The Capital Of Algoma District

Ontario A Port Of Entry And The Capital Of Algoma District, Canada, opposite the preceding; pop. in 1871, 879. It is pleasantly situated, and contains Episcopal, Roman Catholic, and Wesleyan Methodist churches. Many of the inhabitants are engaged in the fur trade and fisheries.