Samnel Osgood, an American clergyman, born in Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 30, 1812. He graduated at Harvard college in 1832, and at the Cambridge divinity school in 1835. In 1836-'7 he was an editor of the "Western Messenger," at Louisville, Ky. In 1837 he was settled over the Unitarian church m Nashua, N. IT., whence he was called in 1841 to the Westminster church, Providence, R. I., and in 1849 to the church of the Messiah, New York, in which city he still resides. From 1850 to 1854 he was an editor of the "Christian Inquirer " in New York. In 18G9 he resigned his pastoral charge of the church of the Messiah after 20 years' service, and went to Europe for rest and health; and on his return in 1870 he entered the Protestant Episcopal church. He received the degree of D. D. from Harvard college in 1857, and that of LL. D. from Hobart college in 1872. He has been active in literary and educational interests in New York and New England, and was for years domestic corresponding secretary of the New York historical society.

His first publications were translations from Olshausen and De Wette, "The History of the Passion" (1839), and " Human Life " (1842). His original works are: " Studies in Christian Biography " (1851); " The Hearthstone " (1854); " God with Men " (1854); "Milestones in our Life Journey" (1855); " Student Life " (1860); and " American Leaves " (1867). He has contributed largely to the "Christian Examiner," and published some articles in the "North American Review," the "Bibliotheca Sacra," and the leading monthly magazines. His printed sermons, speeches, and orations are numerous. He has of late given his time largely to lectures and literary labor, writing for leading journals and magazines, and lecturing and speaking at colleges and other institutions of science and art.